Habakkuk a Guide to Spiritual Maturity

What causes a person to move from complaining to God that He doesn’t hear him and thinking he knows better than God what to do, to trusting Him fully and rejoicing in Him even though “the fig tree does not blossom and there is no fruit

in the vine”? It is growing to Maturity.

This book follows the maturing process of Habakkuk as he records it. Following his journey helps us in our own journey to maturity from spiritual childhood, through young adulthood, to spiritual fatherhood. My prayer is that we follow this journey to the end and become fathers in the Messiah. We need fathers in the body of the Messiah.

“Like Habakkuk, Israel has been on his own journey to maturity and shared this with us in this captivating and challenging volume. Looking through the lens of 1 John’s categories of children, young men and fathers we can chart our own progress and identify features of our own spiritual development. Israel has also matured as a writer, and this is his clearest and most compelling book so far. Don’t hesitate here, it’s a wonderful, biblically rooted help to guide you along the road to maturity.”

– John Clevely, Teaching Pastor, Beulah Family Church, Regions Beyond, UK

“In this book Harel details the processes we all need to go through to grow to the place where God wants us to be.”

– Rob Holding, Teacher, Worship Leader, Know My Faith, New Zealand